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Waiting for you at Musixmatch Academy!

Maral Valipour
November 2023
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It's been a year since "Connected" brought us all closer, and we're thrilled about the vibes it brought to our Musixmatch community. But hey, let's not keep it to ourselves! Help us spread the word and invite others to join us!

Now, you can easily share the buzz with your friends on Instagram. Check out our highlights for the latest Musixmatch Academy updates. Share it with your friends and let's make the love for music go viral!


Musixmatch isn't just about lyrics; it's a whole vibe, a community of music lovers. Our gang is growing, and we're thrilled that everyday so many passionate people, just like you, are jumping on board. They're now proud members of our Musixmatch crew, sharing their love for music and adding their unique touch to the mix. Quick shoutout to our amazing Academy and guidelines translators for helping us spread the word globally!

They're breaking language barriers so everyone can connect through music.

You haven’t attended the Musixmatch Academy yet?

If you are ready to take your passion for lyrics, beats, and all things musical to the next level, you should know that the Academy is like the golden ticket to the heart of Musixmatch's Writing Guidelines. While each of the 4 lessons last about 3 minutes, you're not on a strict schedule, and the Academy understands that perfection doesn't happen overnight. That's why you can retake the tests as many times as you need! And guess what? You can back out of a lesson at any time, and pick up where you left off when you’re ready. Don't forget to follow the guidelines! They're like our roadmap for lyrics, sync, translation, and tagging.Your journey starts now, and the Academy is here to be your guide. Let the music play, and let your passion lead!

Maral Valipour
Here in celebration of our shared love for music, and the mesmerizing power of lyrics. Let's ride this sonic magic wave together!
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