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Make the most out of your lyrics with Musixmatch Pro!

Daniele Giliberto
March 2024

If you are an artist, lyrics are the most powerful way to make your music interactive and to communicate with your listeners.

Distributing lyrics on Spotify boosts the streams and your fans' engagement, while having them on Instagram allows your fans to use your own lyrics when they share their stories with the world.

Moreover, how many times have you searched for lyrics, knowing only one or two lines, but not remembering the title? Indexing your lyrics makes them discoverable in this way! With Musixmatch Pro, you can join our community of more than one million artists to verify your creations for free and distribute them on Spotify, Instagram, Google and many more other platforms, like Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube, Shazam. Here’s how!

Just visit Musixmatch Pro and verify your first artist: our team will do our best to verify your identity and put you in control of your creations.

Once your profile has been verified, you can curate your lyrics on your own for free, following our guidelines to add and sync lyrics and enriching your song with metadata such as your credits, the song’s structure, and performers’ tags.

This activity is very time consuming and it requires a lot of knowledge! For this reason on Pro, you can choose to outsource this task to us! Musixmatch will get your lyrics in pristine condition and perfect for distribution!

Now that your lyrics are perfectly distributed, it’s time to take over the world and reach as many people as possible, and lyrics are the perfect way to engage with your fans and to reach new ones.

We know that producing media content is an expensive activity in terms of time and money, especially after all the effort you have made to produce your music.

For this reason we have created a tool that allows you to create not only your Spotify Canvas but also unlimited clips for social media in a matter of seconds: you can use our templates and customize it with your images and videos, you can also create videos with your translated lyrics and share them on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube shorts!

You can also use our tool to create full-length lyric videos and reach your fans on YouTube, one of the biggest music platforms in the world. We are working every day to help you get the most out of your lyrics, this is why we are introducing our partnership with Runway. Make sure you submit your song today to test this feature!

Head to Musixmatch Pro and try our tool now! We can’t wait to see your lyrics everywhere!

Daniele Giliberto
Music and technology are my biggest passions. This is why I love working on Musixmatch Pro, to create products that empower artists to get the most out of their creations.
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