Our superstars for this month

Mauro di Battista
April 2023
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We are thrilled to introduce you to the five brightest stars in the Musixmatch galaxy this month: Moritz, Vaclovas, Anthony (AKC), Rishav, and Ostap! Each with their different stories and experiences related to Musixmatch.

We usually pick one contributor of the month, but we decided to group together all of the amazing people who helped build a better environment for our community, especially in the support they gave to the #catalogue-issues channel in April.

There is so much we learned from their answers, Moritz went from ‘Failing the Curator test many times’ to becoming a Specialist, so one of our most trusted contributors. Vaclovas on the other hand has been in the community for ‘437 days at the time of writing this’ and joined to ‘Try something new’ while Anthony is soon celebrating his first anniversary in the community.

But what do they all have in common, other than their passion for music? By listening to their answers, we discovered the key values they all see in the community: its internationality, positivity, and altruism.

My favorite thing about this community is how approachable everyone is. As someone who is shy and has a hard time being vocal, Musixmatch has helped me overcome some of those problems by allowing me to ask for help when needed and to give it back to the community by helping others.


Even though I'm introvert, being an active part of the Musixmatch community has helped me to become a bit more comfortable with communication. It's cool to be part of such a supportive and helpful group of people.


It’s not just about the environment between people though, contributors gather for a common goal and a common passion for music, and everyday build something beautiful with us, something that many people around the world can benefit while listening to any type of music in any language.

It's not just about the connection between people. Our contributors gather for a common goal and share a passion for music. Together, we build something beautiful that benefits many people around the world, no matter their language or favorite music genres.

What I like about Musixmatch? It's really nice to have the ability to provide lyrics for millions of people so they can sing along to their favourite songs.

Moritz B.

I often enjoy translating lyrics. I have translated many English songs to Lithuanian, and Lithuanian songs to English. [...] I do feel happy when I get to see lyrics appearing on platforms, knowing that people will also see it.

Vaclovas Intas

On a personal note, hearing their thoughts and passion was incredibly inspiring for our team. If music brings people together, the Musixmatch community tries to keep them closer, creating memories and dynamics that last in time.

My best experience is that all of our Musixmatch team, such as Moderators, Content Team, Backend Engineers, Curators and Specialists, all are very kind and generous.

Rishav Yadav

Each of these Community members granted amazing support to one of the busiest channels in the Slack Workspaces, and we’re really grateful for their help! This kind of teamwork is exactly what we want to celebrate in the Musixmatch Community, and it’s great to take a moment to do so. Thanks so much to all of you going above and beyond to support the Community.

You’re all super stars!

Mauro di Battista
Pragmatic dreamer and lyrics passionate, connected to this world but always with my headphones on and my thoughts in space. In the eight hours per day that I'm in reality, I share, I care, and I communicate with our great community of music lovers.
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