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John, our Curator of the month

Mauro di Battista
February 2023

This month we are celebrating John Nakas for his great contribution to our community, being him very active on Slack. John is 20 years old and hails from Greece.

Thanks for being with us, John! How long have you been contributing to Musixmatch?

I've joined Musixmatch long years ago, but I joined seriously in January 2022 and took my curator certificate in February of the same year.

My main reason for joining Musixmatch community is because I wanted to help Greeks enjoy the lyrics when listening to new music the way I do.

I am proud to say that so far, through hard work and dedication, and with the help of other Greek curators of course, we achieved to contribute high-quality lyrics to the most known Greek songs and we always try to keep up with the new songs and at the same time to complete the most of the Greek songs.

As you know, you were nominated for Curator of the Month also for being very active on Slack. What do you like the most about our community?

I really liked that in the Musixmatch community all the people that I've met had the same passion with me, to provide high-quality transcribed and synced lyrics for the most popular streaming services.

I was never aware of the rewards that Musixmatch gives you when contributing, because, for me, my biggest reward is to go out with my friends and see people listening to music on their cars, on their tv's, their pc's alongside with lyrics, knowing that something so small is something so important for all the Greeks.

I also loved the way they welcomed me as they knew me from before, they are also kind and always willing to provide help.

Tell us more…

When I first joined Musixmatch I was so lost, and I was more lost when I joined Slack, because it was something unprecedented to me and I really felt that I was never gonna make it.

The feeling that you have when you know, that with the help of Greek and Slack community, you achieved to provide a better listening experience to all the Greeks, is something that I will never forget as well as I really loved that the moderators of Slack (you and Tim) and my specialists friends (John Carlo and Moritz B.) also noticed it and and gave me the motivation to keep going.

Your dedication and love for the Musixmatch community is really inspiring, thanks for sharing this with us! At this point I’d be curious to know what do you wish us as community quill achieve for next year?

In my opinion, Musixmatch has already the criteria to be dominant in the field of lyrics distribution, the only thing that is missing is to be more advertised and gain more recognition I would love to see Musixmatch participate in summer music festivals, where most people go.

In this way they will learn about Musixmatch and I strongly feel that this will help the community to grow. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to express my feelings and thoughts and I hope to see more people help in lyrics contribution. 

As well as I hope that Musixmatch will continue to help people enjoy the music they love with lyrics and give them the feelings that I felt from the first day.

Mauro di Battista
Pragmatic dreamer and lyrics passionate, connected to this world but always with my headphones on and my thoughts in space. In the eight hours per day that I'm in reality, I share, I care, and I communicate with our great community of music lovers.
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