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Gbémilékè tells us about the power of music…and Musixmatch

Mauro di Battista
June 2023

Hailing from Nigeria, Gbémilékè joined Musixmatch in 2015 and has been making significant contributions ever since. In this interview, Gbémilékè shares insights into their favorite music genres, a lyric they recently added with pride, their current music obsessions, and a heartwarming experience with Musixmatch.

Hello Gbémilékè! We know that you primarily contribute in English and Yoruba, but we're curious about your favorite music genres. Additionally, we'd love to hear about a lyric you recently added that you are particularly proud of.

Hello! I have quite a diverse range of favorite music genres, including pop, jazz, afro-beats, afro-pop, folk, afro-juju, reggae/dancehall, and afro-dancehall. But I also enjoy rap, trap, and grime!

Wow, that's an impressive variety!

Yes, indeed. One lyric I recently added that I'm very proud of is from the song "Countless Times" by Decemberism.

Now, let's talk about your experience with Musixmatch. Can you share a memorable moment or a positive experience you've had?

I must say that from the very beginning, all my contributions to Musixmatch have been driven by my strong passion for music. Despite facing some challenges along the way, I've never given up on my efforts to strive for excellence. There have been ups and downs, but I continue to learn and grow until I reach new heights.

When I was at a crossroads, trying to decide my course of study in university, I vividly remember how contributing to the Musixmatch community and immersing myself in reading lyrics while listening to music provided me with immense comfort and served as a great escape.

It's incredible to witness the power of music and the impact Musixmatch can have on individuals. Thank you for sharing this story. As we wrap up our interview, we'd love to know what your favorite aspect of Musixmatch is.

My absolute favorite thing about Musixmatch is the exhilarating moment when I see most of my completed lyrics automatically syncing word by word. It brings a smile to my face and gives me goosebumps. It's an incredibly rewarding feeling!

What songs is currently Gbémilékè obsessed with? Check them out below!

Mauro di Battista
Pragmatic dreamer and lyrics passionate, connected to this world but always with my headphones on and my thoughts in space. In the eight hours per day that I'm in reality, I share, I care, and I communicate with our great community of music lovers.
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