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Introducing Agnieszka - our Curator of the month!

Mauro di Battista
October 2022

The joy of working on lyrics, according to Agnieszka

Each month we highlight one curator for their excellent contributions, based on Specialist’ and Musixmatch Team feedback.


Agnieszka hails from Poland. Her favorite genres are Polish hip-hop and Polish alternative rap. She only joined Musixmatch this February, but she has already been nominated for Curator of the month!

Transcribing and synchronizing lyrics whenever she wants is her favorite thing about Musixmatch.

We asked some questions to Agnieszka about her experience with Musixmatch, but also about her favorite lyrics and musical events she is a fund of.


Can you tell us a nice experience you had related to Musixmatch?

The moment when I meet with my friends, we listen to some music with the lyrics on the screen and I can show off that It was me transcribing the lyrics on Musixmatch, and that's how they started contributing along with me, they enjoyed it too


Well, that’s what we call being an ambassador! What’s a song you recently added lyrics to that you are very proud of?

I’d say Gwiazdy by Miętha,  I am proud of it, and I liked the song

"Transcribing and synchronizing lyrics whenever I want is my favorite thing about Musixmatch"

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Mauro di Battista
Pragmatic dreamer and lyrics passionate, connected to this world but always with my headphones on and my thoughts in space. In the eight hours per day that I'm in reality, I share, I care, and I communicate with our great community of music lovers.
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