Celebrating our long-standing Specialists

Tim Naylor
February 2024
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Many of you will have only known a Musixmatch including the Specialist team, but 7 years ago, there was no such thing! Back then the community was a lot smaller, and we were able to ensure the quality of our lyrics catalog with Curators alone. And they did a fantastic job of it!, but as language communities grew both in size and engagement, it became clear that there was room for stronger permissions and greater acknowledgment: hence, the idea of the Specialist was born!

Specialists from the very beginning (the end of 2018) were hand-picked for the exceptional quality of their contributions and their active presence in the community, and nothing has changed 6 years later! Remarkably, the requirements for the Specialist role remain identical (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!), as do its fundamental conditions. What has changed, however, is the size of the team!

Here in 2024, we celebrate a Specialist team 150+ strong, spanning over 50 languages from Arabic to Zulu! The Specialists help the Musixmatch community daily with mentoring support, quality control, and product translations, and they do a wonderful job of it!

But in this article specifically we want to take a moment to highlight the Specialists who have been a part of the team from the very beginning. So here they are!
The Specialists who were upgraded in, or before 2019:

Akhil Vennam - (Hindi/Telugu)

Alvin Ronay - (English)

Himanshu Pathak - (Hindi/Punjabi)

Hoàn NguyễnĐức - (Vietnamese)

Izumi Taniguchi  - (Japanese)

Kalyani Vasa - (Hindi/Telugu)

Nathan (Russian

Rampel (Spanish)

Lukas Wolter (German)

Nicola Di Costanzo (Italian)

Patrick Gilbert De la Cruz Flores (Spanish)

Rodrigo Margs (Spanish)

Sara Fasano (Italian)

Vision Peer (Nepali)

Loyal and dedicated contributors keep the community strong and keep us on course on our mission to maintain the biggest and best lyrics catalog in the world! The fact that the above Specialists have stuck with us on this mission over the years is a testament to their passion, and we’re very grateful to have them with us. 

Thanks to you all, whether you joined us at the beginning or joined us yesterday, for being a part of our wonderful community.

Tim Naylor
Working alongside our amazing community to help us all keep singing in tune and dancing in time!
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