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Translation Missions incoming!

Martino Bonfiglioli
December 2022

Translation Missions are a long-requested feature and our team of techies is thrilled to finally be bringing them to you! They give talented bilinguals the chance to earn special bonuses by helping share the lyrics of top tracks with fellow music lovers across the globe! 

The missions are available to all users who have passed one of our translation tests, which are currently available in the following language combinations:

English - German

English - Spanish

English - French

English - Indonesian

English - Korean

English - Portuguese

Spanish - English

French - English

Japanese - English

Musixmatch Translation Mission

If your languages aren’t currently supported, don’t panic! More tests in more language combinations are on the way, so be sure to keep an eye out for updates, so you too can get involved!

For further information regarding the new translation missions, please check out this article, and if you are experiencing any difficulties in the whole Translation Mission process, contact us via this form

And don’t forget you can always get in touch on the Curator and Community Slack spaces, where dedicated support channels have already been created.

Get excited, get involved, and get translating!

Martino Bonfiglioli
My mission is to deliver the best product for every Musixmatcher. I joined Musixmatch in 2011, starting as a mobile developer, and then moving into the product management team.
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