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The Academy’s getting a makeover!

Tim Naylor
January 2023

The Academy gives users direct access to the most vital aspects of Musixmatch’s Writing Guidelines, helping them start their journey up the contributors’ ladder! It’s something that was introduced a few years ago now, and in that time it’s seen thousands of users earn their graduation badge and certificate.

But now it’s time for a makeover!

While unarguably practical and efficient, the old version of the Academy had several limitations, which is why we’ve decided to give it a bit of a revamp! Below you can find a guide through the new Academy, and what makes it even cooler than the old one!

Feedback - Fast and Thorough

One of your most common requests for the Academy was for more detailed feedback. Well…we listened! And we’re very happy to now bring you instant feedback after every question. This not only helps you celebrate every win, but learn from every mistake.

And that’s not all for instant gratification!

The coveted Academy Graduation Certificate will now also be immediately available upon passing all tests. No more nervous waiting for results and your certificate - they’ll both be with you before you know it!

Bite Size Lessons

Lessons have been split according to the four types of tasks included in contributions: Lyrics, Sync, Translation, and Tagging…

…meaning that you can tackle them individually, taking breaks whenever you need them without losing your progress!

Tests That Teach!

The tests have been re-designed to help consolidate the lessons, rather than simply check the users’ understanding of them. As a result, they’re more engaging, and more diverse. This should not only help you learn the information quicker, but also make doing so more fun!

Thank You For The Music!

And they also come with the handy new addition of inbuilt musical extracts, allowing to keep your thoughts, ears, and feet all in one place!

More Localizations!

Music is the universal language but we can’t deny that words sure are helpful too! And with no limits to the languages we can now support (right to left language localizations were not possible in the old Academy) they’re more helpful than ever!

Sexy, And We Know It!

Not only does the new Academy bring you all these new features, it does it with a beautiful new look! Learning has never looked better 💕

So there’s your first introduction to the new Academy! There are plenty more new features not mentioned here, so check out this sneak peek for the full picture!

We’d also love to hear your feedback about it! Let us know exactly what you think about the new Academy to help us make it even better for the eventual full release.

Tim Naylor
Working alongside our amazing community to help us all keep singing in tune and dancing in time!
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