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Enjoy podcasts with synced transcripts

Martino Bonfiglioli
October 2022

This Musixmatch tool brings a new way of enjoying podcasts

The Musixmatch team is always working on new ways to change and challenge the scene for the tech industry, and this month we have exciting news from planet Musixmatch: a new tool to enjoy transcribed, synced, and tagged podcasts.

This is an important milestone for us; so much great content is available on podcasts but so many people may not be able to access it, whether it’s because they are hearing impaired, don’t speak the language, or simply can't find it.

If you are a podcast creator, you can claim your episodes and ask our AI to transcribe them, making them accessible to SEO, empowering connections with new audiences. You will also be able to embed your podcast’s transcript into your website!

Are you instead a podcast-passionate, who wants to experience podcasts at 360°?
Now you can search for topics and jump right to the content you’re looking for, share your favorite quotes on social media, and curate your favorite podcasts!
Our AI will do the hard work for you, but we always need experts to fine-tune the content in order to make it perfect for fans like you.

Join the beta program to help us make podcast content truly accessible

Martino Bonfiglioli
My mission is to deliver the best product for every Musixmatcher. I joined Musixmatch in 2011, starting as a mobile developer, and then moving into the product management team.
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