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Introducing: Forever Lyrics

Tim Naylor
September 2023
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Contributing lyrics daily, it can be easy to focus generally on the songs; “I’ve completed 10 song contributions already today!”, “I love this song's bridge”, “Taylor Swift always has really relatable tunes” etc.

And while this is of course important, it can be a shame to zoom out in this way, rather than focusing on the words and lines of lyrics that make a song, an album, or an artist special.

Words matter. And, put in the right order and combinations, they stick in our minds and hearts for years and years.

It’s with that in consideration that we’ve recently launched our newest social media project: Forever Lyrics (name selected with the help of you, our awesome community!) We take songs, put them under our Musixmatch microscope, and see which lyrics jump out as the most relatable and touching; the most likely to stay with you forever. We then present them in colorful and catching designs, ready for you to share with all your music-loving pals!

Check us out on X for your fill of our Forever Lyrics and follow by clicking below 👇

Tim Naylor
Working alongside our amazing community to help us all keep singing in tune and dancing in time!
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