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Dive Deeper into Podcasts with Musixmatch's New Chapter Feature!

Martino Bonfiglioli
October 2023

Musixmatch is and has always been about enhancing your listening experience, and today we have exciting news for podcast enthusiasts, in the form of our new 'chapters' feature for Musixmatch Podcasts.

“What does that mean for me?”

Good question! Read below for the answers:

- Easy Navigation: Just like flipping through chapters in a book, you can now jump straight to specific segments in your favorite podcast episodes. Want to skip an intro? Or replay a particular segment? No problemo, it’s now just a click away!

- Curation, with Love: For our treasured and passionate curators, this is your chance to shine! Highlight and curate the best parts of the podcasts you adore. Share these moments and let fellow fans dive straight into them.

- Stay Updated: The Podcast Studio is buzzing with new features and updates. Do drop by to check out what's fresh, and to further elevate your listening and curating experience.

With all that said, you’re now ready to enjoy a more structured and fun podcasting journey with Musixmatch. Happy listening!

Martino Bonfiglioli
My mission is to deliver the best product for every Musixmatcher. I joined Musixmatch in 2011, starting as a mobile developer, and then moving into the product management team.
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