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Tomorrow will be bonito, but so is today!

Pablo Martinez
April 2023

Hello everyone, I'm Pablo, representing the Latin American community. Before talking about one of my favourite artists, I would like to share a little bit about myself.

Growing up in Mexico, parties are everywhere, and it’s very common to see kids sleeping in improvised “beds” while their parents dance at weddings or quinceañeras. I was one of those kids. No matter how loud the music was, I had the Latino superpower of sleeping everywhere (maybe that’s why I now have an issue with my alarm in the morning).

This is the way that certain music and dancing comes to us! I remember lots of kids in Mexico hating Reggaeton when it started to get big, but love it or hate it, no one can help dancing to it at parties with friends!

And that’s why I personally love Karol G’s music; she gives me the urge to follow her beat, remembering my teenage years and dancing.

From the moment she released Provenza, we knew that the coming album, MAÑANA SERÁ BONITO,  would be full of tasty rhythms and naughty lyrics. This song in particular brought back memories from my own Provenza moment with someone I knew, and that made me love this track even more.

Then we have other songs on this album with similar vibes; Cairo, Pero Tú, Mercurio, Kármika, Carolina, and Dañamos la Amistad. They all have amazing, infectious beats that make us all want to move! My very favorite of the songs of this vibe, though, is X Si Volvemos. Karol G’s voice mixes perfectly with Romeo Santos’, and the great duo tell the story of a person that has been in your thoughts lately. I have to say though, the lyrics of all these songs aren’t the most family friendly, so check them out at your choice!

There are songs that become anthems with friends, whether it's because someone in our group had a bad time with a lover, or to celebrate someone who finally finished that exam that had cost them so much. Any situation is a good time to get together with friends to dance and sing. But in the case of Karol G, we have the perfect song that we can all relate to, and the best thing is that she’s singing with the unique Shakira.

TQG, follows the story of songs that our loved, Shakira, has dedicated to her ex-husband, and as a fan, we are here to support her. Karol G and Shakira join their voices to make a good reggaeton song, with great lyrics, they make it clear that now they are triple M, más buenas, más duras, más level (better, tougher, more level). And I am sure many of us fans will be joining along, to sing their lyrics in unison.

There are two other tracks on this album that I loved from the first moment I heard them, and the lyrics made me connected with them on a very personal level. Mientras Me Curo Del Cora and Mañana Será Bonito, in my opinion, remind us of how good it can be to let go. To release the complicated things in life. To give ourselves a break. And to recognize that even if we are not at our best, it’s always good to take a moment to pause and be grateful for what is right around us. Maybe the big struggle that we have in our present is not as big as we think it is, and we just need a friend to help us see the good, and move on.

Porque mañana será bonito
Because tomorrow will be beautiful

Porque hasta el cielo vuelve azulito

Because the sky will be blue again

Y toda la niebla fue un ratito

And the fog was only there a little while

Y nadie puede apagar tu brillo

And nobody can dim your shine

Of course, there are other songs on the album, but I’ll leave them for you all to hear and decide for yourselves which ones you love the most.

All I have left to do is learn the new songs by heart, so I can sing them at the next party with my friends, dancing to a bachata or a good perreo along with Karol G.

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Mañana será bonito

Pablo Martinez
Giving my best so that the community can dance, sing, and enjoy music around the globe.
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