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The Musixmatch XWord!

Tim Naylor
November 2022

Just for fun

Complete the crossword and use the letters in the highlighted boxes to figure out the answer:

Artist who’s 4th studio album topped the charts last November

_ _ _ _ _

Submit your answer via this form. Successful guesses will receive a shout-out in the next edition. Good luck!


1. Track nine of Taylor Swift’s album ‘Midnights’ (9)

3. Fifth degree of the ‘Solfège’ musical scale (3)

5. Complete the title of the hit song by Olivia Rodriges - Driver’s ___ (7)

7. Artist famous for hit songs ‘Vogue’ and ‘Hung Up’ (7)


2. Winner of the ‘Best K-POP artist’ at the 2022 MTV EMA’s (4)

4. Device used to help musicians stay in time (and a MXM syncing badge) (9)

5. Plucked string instrument, similar to the guitar (4)

Download the game sheet here

UPDATE - The results

Hello, it’s us! In October we gave you the task of identifying an artist by completing a music-themed Crossword… Don’t you remember? Well, rumour has it many of you successfully rose to the occasion and correctly named Adele as the artist in the spotlight! 

You can find the full results in the image below:

Here’s a list of our winners from October’s edition of Just for fun! All we ask is that you check it out!

$illy Gusti, Vaclovas Intas, Dex., tamcesko, RuQStew, 보라bora, Mikenzie, Matteo Forresu, Shanta, Artem, Musilink, TKH, Moritz B., Greylite, Megan TP, grzzlyz, Iditri Rajan, KubaM., DanKiHaKo, Pas de basquee, aardotbee, Agdzia, Connor Pote, Bảo Lê, Martyn, Teemonee

Big congratulations to you all, hope this shout out has helped you all feel our love <3 PS. sorry for the puns ;)

Tim Naylor
Working alongside our amazing community to help us all keep singing in tune and dancing in time!
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