Just for fun

Guess the tune

Tim Naylor
October 2022

Just for fun

We’ve provided the lyrics for a section of a hit song, but ran it through a thesaurus! Switch the synonyms to crack the code and submit your guess for the song here! Those who submit the correct answer will get a shoutout in the next edition of the newsletter.

Return to your house, go forward, fiber broadband

I don’t wanna speak about how it used to be

Leave the States, a couple of children close behind

I don’t wanna speak about who’s leading the way

Update - The Results!

A TONNE of you had a go at the October Just For Fun quiz and many of you got it spot on! The song was of course As it Was by Harry Styles and it was so great to see so many of you get involved. If you’re still stumped, you can check out the un-synonymed original lyrics below:

Go home, get ahead, light-speed internet

I don’t wanna talk about the way that it was

Leave America, two kids follow her

I don’t wanna talk about who’s doin’ it first

And here’s the list of smarty-pants who got the answer correct. Congratulations to you all!

ItsMeV, Dagger Mor, Vaclovas Intas, Kai, Mikenzie, Johnny loves me, Kwanz, Gage, Alekx Vargas, Oblyft , Julia Artigue, Dorina Monoki, Hansen Villatoro, Ethan, Marcos Vinícius, Moritz B., Mai,, Kristin, Alisa S., Amber, Iditri Rajan, Joantmt, Shanta H, Arnav Shetty, Allison Bysouth, Bryan, Cooper, Jonah Blank, Winnie Ngugi, Martyn Holden, Bảo Lê, Xavimazzic, Marina, André Portugal, Chiarasounds, Julia, Nini, DEMIAN, Laurie Macey, Ocean Marino, David Elise, Jazreel-Anne, Avid Beats, Paxery, Angelea Varesha Sani Syahputri, Level Dave, Laura, Faradinda, Joleen Douw, Legitly, Débora.T, Resa, Mesa Jane, Antti [Candybar], KJ King, Marie Frederiksen, Alessandro Roli, Musilink, HKMPC, TKH, Allanda, Linguini Bros on Spotify, Guada M, Noranootje, Hana T, Charalampos, GG, JoyTheBoi, Rain, Em, Charlie

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