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How our community works

Musixmatch is a global community composed of million of people worldwide.
Their passion for music is what makes Musixmatch special. Each person can contribute to improving the Musixmatch catalog in a variety of different ways:

Add lyrics

Transcribe lyrics that are missing from our catalog

Sync lyrics

Synchronize lyrics to get them playing in time with music

Review lyrics

Proofread the lyrics by voting on new lyrics and suggested changes

Translate lyrics

Help others to understand your favorite songs

Tag lyrics

Complete the song info by tagging the song structure

Report lyrics

Report a problem and our Content Team will help you

Discover our Guidelines

Before you contribute, take a moment to read our Guidelines carefully.

Take the Academy

Follow the lessons, take the tests and get the certificate. It's the first step to become a curator!

Earn points and badges

People in our community earns points and badges based on their contributions.
Points allow users to grow and gain an higher rank within the community.


The user ranking shows the status of the user inside the Musixmatch community.
From Newbie to Hero: it'll be a great way to the top!

Climb the leaderboard

Our most active users appear on the leaderboards, which are visible on each artist's page.

Become a Curator

Be part of a family of music lovers dedicated in creating
the largest music data catalog worldwide.

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