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What does your summer sound like?

Mauro di Battista
July 2023

What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you think about summer? And most importantly, what's the first song? What memories would surface when the radio starts playing that tune? This is the question I asked my colleagues at Musixmatch, and it sparked some interesting conversations.

In this playlist you can find all the songs suggested by the Musixmatch Staff and our awesome group of Curators

To me, summer is that time of the year when warm weather stretches out the days, we escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and venture closer to nature, or nature decides to pay us a visit in the form of blooming trees and chirping birds right outside our open windows in the morning.

Musically, I think about Festivalbar, the Italian singing competition that lit up the squares and our TV screens on warm summer evenings in the early 2000s, or exchanging ringtones on my old telephone via Bluetooth, while sitting on the dock (no, there weren't smartphones back then). But I also remember singing Vamos a Bailar by Paola and Chiara on the PlayStation 2 karaoke with my best friend (and spoiler, that is my ultimate summer song).

Of course, everyone's summer soundtrack is unique. Once the end of May rolls around, the music industry focuses on parties, social events, breezy days in the mountains, or late nights spent on the beach. If I think about music in past summers, I notice there has always been a big polarizing force capturing both carefree beach parties and the healing process from heartbreak, with a range of genres from pop/rock to disco, ballads, and synth beats.

Vacation Time by Part Time Musicians. They are a Thai band. This single was released when I moved to Italy and also had my first vacation here, in 2014. The lyrics resonate with my journey - leaving the city for the countryside and relaxing.

Niche, Sr Product Designer

I also think about the way songs bring people together, and music seems to be the cyclic superpower summertime gets to reach that goal.

Gloria by Umberto Tozzi. Any LunaPark, any Sagra, any typical Italian summer meeting has Gloria in the background since I was five years old, until now.

Michele, Sr Engineering Manager

While pondering the perfect summer soundtrack, something else caught my attention when I reviewed the responses from my colleagues. Summer is not only about relaxing, and soaking up good vibes. It's also a season of transitions, of movement, traveling from one place to another: long car trips with the wind tousling your hair, and your eyes squinting against the scorching sun.

Always On My Mind by Petshop Boys. I remember listening to this album in the car with my dad when I was young. This song in particular makes me think of the sun pouring in through open car windows on the way to the beach

Tim, Community Executive 

My summer song is Mare Mare by Luca Carboni. I was 4 years old when I first heard this song driving around Puglia in the summertime with my family and had goosebumps for the first time

Marco, Content Editor Intern

To wrap it all up, summer is truly a time when the music takes center stage and becomes the backdrop for all our adventures and good times, from road trips to beach excursions, from lazy afternoons by the pool to energetic nights on the dancefloor.

Summertime Magic by Childish Gambino. This song is a vibe, fight me!

Laurell, Operations Coordinator

So the question remains, what's the song that makes you think of summer?

Mauro di Battista
Pragmatic dreamer and lyrics passionate, connected to this world but always with my headphones on and my thoughts in space. In the eight hours per day that I'm in reality, I share, I care, and I communicate with our great community of music lovers.
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