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The Ultimate Back-to-School Playlist and its memories

Maral Valipour
September 2023

Ah, back-to-school season! A time of fresh notebooks, questionable cafeteria lunches, and the sweet, sweet aroma of freshly sharpened pencils? At least for some of us!
A time when you can practically hear the collective sigh of students, parents, and teachers alike! And what's a school year without its own unique soundtrack? Our Musixmatch community, with their incredible tastes, has compiled a back-to-school playlist that's as diverse as the student body itself!

From "It Wasn't Me" by Shaggy and Rik Rok, the classic 'deny everything' song (we've all been there, trying to dodge our teacher's inquisitive gaze when caught red-handed with passing notes in class, unfinished homework or project), to "Fifteen" by Taylor Swift and "Hot for Teacher" by Van Halen, it's clear that each tune takes us on a unique journey through the school year.😉

If you're curious about my personal journey, I was a bit of a rebel back in the day, often toeing the line of troublemaking (no more though, don't worry!). So, you can probably guess why I just had to add "Another Brick in the Wall, Pt.2" by Pink Floyd to this playlist. This iconic track is like the rebellious battle cry of every student who ever dared to question the system.

Let this playlist be a reminder that the passion for music and the pursuit of knowledge can go hand in hand. Don't be afraid to let your love for music inspire your academic journey. Whether you're a future rockstar, scientist, or mathematician, the rhythm of learning is a melody worth embracing.

Here's to a school year filled with harmony, knowledge, and the sweet sound of success!

Maral Valipour
Here in celebration of our shared love for music, and the mesmerizing power of lyrics. Let's ride this sonic magic wave together!
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