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The Musixmatch Women’s Day Wordsearch - The Results!

Niche Chathong
March 2023

Our Musixmatch Community, and the music industry in general, is full to the brim with inspiring women and we dedicate this month’s Connected edition to them.

We start with March’s Just for fun game, which has you locating some iconic female artists from around the world within our Wordsearch!

But wait, one of them listed isn’t in the Wordsearch! Discover which one, and submit their name here!

Download the game sheet here


Last month we invited you to search for some iconic female artists in our word search, in order to find the one not included!

Many of you had a go and some successfully found Miley Cyrus as the missing name! In the real word she’s anything but missing, having enjoyed HUGE success worldwide with her recent single ‘Flowers’, but in our word search she’s nowhere to be found!

Congratulations to those of you who correctly gave her name as the answer:

Delight, Indhumathi, Emanuele, Moritz B., Tori, Julia Artigue, Simone Rancati, Zuzanna,, Higuita, Mikenzie, Dahlia, Tedara Hana, Stefanie Weise, Kenrick, Shovon Khan, Fave, Salmata MADI, Mohammed Ali, Museli Mulaima, Panagiotis Kappopoulos, James Manasseh, Coline K, and MILEY CYRUS (I wonder if it's THE Miley Cyrus!?

Stay tuned for another Just for Fun game next month!

Niche Chathong
A long time fan of Musixmatch who became a product designer here, taking care of community related products. Loves beautiful lyrics and loves to write them.
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