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What’s moody, sexy, and also rooted in South Africa? Mars Baby: Echoes

Laurell Boyers
December 2022

Hi everyone, Laurell here, I’m a sucker for a singer/songwriter combo and anything vaguely acoustic. 

I just got back from a long-overdue trip to my other home, South Africa and while I was there I listened to the smoothest sounds over coffee during a perfect Jo’burg summer storm.

Hope Mars Baby leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy too 💨🔥

Songs for the time-capsule:

This EP is the perfect soundtrack for the impending European winter, music to miss the sunshine and sulk to 😉

Mars is clearly in his feels or coming off a hell of a break-up, the deep cuts on tracks like Lily will have you considering calling up your ex (don’t do it!!!) 

The album doesn’t sound traditionally African, so don’t run towards it if that’s what you expect, Mars was born in Cape Town and raised in the USA and this global vibe comes across strongly in his lyrics and beats.

‘I guess the time we spent together, was the price of your pain
Another night alone, I contemplate disturbing your peace
I know it’s over, what we did was a time and a place, it’s okay
You’re busy getting over me’
Be Safe: Mars Baby

The EP is a contradictory slow dance between love and loathing and in the end let’s imagine love wins.

This sound is nostalgic, broody and contemplative and vulnerable.

It feels like the perfect soundtrack to an Indie movie.

Check out the album page on Musixmatch

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