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Tim Naylor
September 2023
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A side of the Musixmatch Community we strangely don’t talk about much is our internal team of staff members. Those of you in the Slack Workspaces will see Moderators floating around, posting, asking, and fixing things, but may not necessarily know exactly where they sit in the Community. Read below for everything you need to know!

Mauro works with the intention of keeping everything community-facing running smoothly. He also always has an eye on the Slack channels, and will typically post with announcements, requests, updates, and proposals of new projects! 

Tim works very closely with Mauro as a member of the internal community team, and is actively present in the Slack channels. He’ll respond to both public and private queries, aiming to provide quick and helpful support.

Laurell manages an internal team working on largely behind-the-scenes operations. The team works on editorial coverage and client requests, which is why you’ll sometimes see her asking for language-based support.

Penny works closely with Laurell and will also often drop into the Slack channels to ask for linguistic information, contribution-based support for clients, labels, and artists as well as community feedback. No need to be alarmed if she asks you for help on a track, you can trust her!

Marda works alongside Laurell and Penny and similarly to them will more often than not message the Slack workspaces in order to notify users of available tasks. 

And that’s not all! To name a few more, you may also see Holly, Pablo, Deidre, and Sebastiano drop into the Slack workspaces for one reason or another. Generally speaking, staff members will have either a ‘Moderator’ or ‘Content’ Avatar, so keep an eye out and feel free to say hi! 

Do remember though that all Moderators have many other duties outside of the Slack channels, and so we always advise you to use public channels when possible to help relieve time and resource pressures. The community is as helpful as it is large and passionate, and many doubts can be settled without the need of a Moderator. As a general rule, check first our Support page, then ask the community, and finally reach out to a Moderator. Following this order of actions helps ensure that all of us are working and contributing as efficiently as possible!

Tim Naylor
Working alongside our amazing community to help us all keep singing in tune and dancing in time!
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