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"Rock 'n Roll never dies!"

Penny Lazo
February 2023

From the first thundering drumbeats of “Own My Mind”, Italian supergroup Måneskin’s latest album “Rush”, captures your ears and doesn’t let go until the pleading chorus of desperate wanting and wishing of “The Loneliest” fades with the last note. 

The band, formed when all members were teens, has experienced an international, meteoric rise since their victories at Sanremo and Eurovision in 2021. Despite their massive popularity, 6.5 billion streams, recent Grammy nomination, and multiple award wins, there is still the debate if they are the saviours of the rock genre or just a passing phenomenon. Whatever the critics may say, they have put Italy on the rock ’n’ roll map. 

Songs for the time-capsule

The Loneliest



“Rush” weaves a tapestry of melodic power ballads to grungy down and dirty rock ’n’ roll. Once you strip away their glam and glitz, the musicianship does not disappoint and the production by legendary producer Max Martin is top-notch. 

Standouts include “Gossip” feat Tom Morello of RATM, “Supermodel”, and “Feel”, and my personal faves “Gasoline” and “The Loneliest”

“Gossip” rallies against all the shallowness of Hollywood as they lament “fame has no meaning” even if they are, ironically, Sunset Strip’s new darlings. Morello’s blistering solo is what really makes this track unique and  diverts the album entirely and sets a new tone for the remaining album. 

The first guitar licks of “Supermodel” are reminiscent of RHCP in their “nothing but sock” days, which totally makes sense in this tribute to the debaucherous  “she’s a 90s supermodel” life. 

“Feel” could have easily been a choice for the hit Netflix show “Wednesday, with its familiar melody similar to “Bloody Mary”. I may or may not have done the Wednesday dance, but I’ll never tell. 

When I first heard “Gasoline” it made me want to take a trip on the Autobahn, and as a matter of fact, this album is a great road trip find as long as the cops don’t catch you. 

“The Loneliest” is a perfect closer, just like a nice, comforting dessert after a heavy meal. Damiano’s vocals are so fragile and vulnerable, it’s hard to believe it’s the same guy who leaves fans drenched in sweat at live shows.

Are they the saviours of rock ’n’ roll/alternative music? You decide…

Penny Lazo
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