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Renaissance Tour - Ten, ten, tens across the board!

Laurell Boyers
October 2023
Future renaissance,
Study my technique, uh

When Beyoncè said so in Pure/Honey - she was not kidding!

This summer I attended the Renaissance World Tour along with the rest of the 🐝hive, what we were served was bold, brash, unapologetic, queer, disco and black culture. This concert was unlike any other Beyoncè tour I’ve been to before - in a class of its own.

I’ve been to many, many concerts by a number of different artists in my life but I’ve never experienced this level of sensory overload before.

Regardless of what anyone saw or heard online before their individual shows,(and thankfully spoilers were kept to a minimum) nobody was quite prepared for the magnitude of this silver-themed spectacle, gasps were audible. 

From arriving to find a gigantic screen lit up in the colours of the rainbow, to the LED lights synched perfectly as  Bey walked out to the strains of her earlier hits Dangerously in Love, Flaws and All and 1+1 - the nostalgic ballads.

No sooner had our collective tears dried then a literal portal opened in the centre of the stage as she belted out the spicy trilogy of I’m That Girl, Cozy and Alien Superstar from the Renaissance album, life hasn’t been the same since, souls were snatched!

This concert lasted 3 hours and was worth every second of that time, the dancers, the glam, the outfits, the visual story linking the acts of the show, everything was perfectly planned, in sync, and meticulously executed.

Oh and did I mention Reneigh...(The woman brought out a chrome horse) you shoulda been there!

The tour wrapped up in North America this September, with hints that Act2 will soon follow, this was a fitting end as September also marked Beyoncè’s birthday month and of course she not only worked on her birthday, she did a high energy show in Inglewood, California which featured surprise musical guests and a serenade from another great diva, living legend, Miss Diana Ross. The birthday gal also requested that everyone in the audience wear silver to create a human disco-ball and the hive did not disappoint.

Don’t be alarmed if you missed the concerts because listen…

🚨Drop whatever you’re doing on Dec 1 🚨

It has recently been announced that Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncè - will premiere on December 1st, 2023. 

The documentary captured every 4-count, flick of the wrist, Honey Balenciaga catwalk & duckwalk, Blue Ivy’s interludes, and every mute challenge.

I’m hyperventilating.

Run, don’t walk to the cinema on that day! 

Beyoncè is not done with us yet.

Laurell Boyers
Working alongside an amazing team and greater community to make the magic happen, daily!
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