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Italian Specialists visit Musixmatch HQ!

Tim Naylor
November 2023

Here at Musixmatch we’re very proud to have a close relationship with our community. We talk almost every day, not only about lyrics contributions but about music in general, and a range of other things that keep us all passionate. Conversations shared, though, are always online, and we saw an opportunity to extend that connection a little closer to home. And what better time to share it with you all than in this special edition, celebrating a year of Connected and a year of enriched Community Connections! Enjoy ♥️

Two of our Italian Specialists, Nico and Sara, live in Italy where we hold our Musixmatch Headquarters and we invited them to come and visit us in the office. Both have been Specialists for years, and so it was really special to have the opportunity to meet them in person and thank them for their continued support and engagement. 

The visit included a tour of the Musixmatch office, work meetings with members of our Community, Studio, Design, and Product teams (including some sneak peaks behind the scenes!), and a traditional lunch in a Bolognese Osteria. 

It was a wonderful day, and you don’t even have to just take my word for it! Speaking about the event, Nicola Di Costanzo said (translated from a chat we had in Italian):

“It was certainly a very very welcoming environment and for that I have only to thank you and give my compliments [...] it’s been a true pleasure.”

We’re thrilled to hear our treasured Specialists enjoyed the visit as much as we did and thank them both warmly for coming!

Nicola Di Costanzo also spoke about what it is generally he loves about contributing with Musixmatch:

“My favourite thing is definitely the possibility to do something that’s helpful for others. That is, contributing to songs that are very famous and are listened to across the world, is a thing that fills me with pride, because I know that my work helps improve the experience of those who’ll listen to those songs in the future.”

“The love, the passion for music is a thing that then pushes me to [contribute] with always more determination”

And that is something I’m sure we can all relate to!

Musixmatch is all about connections; connecting music lovers with their favourite songs; connecting artists’ enthusiasts with each other; connecting the dots between fans who enjoy lyrics with those who curate them. Connecting the Musixmatch company and community is among our very strongest focuses, and we warmly thank Nico and Sara for joining us in this aim. We’re also very excited to strengthen this connection with similar such trips in the future. Watch this space and stay tuned!

Tim Naylor
Working alongside our amazing community to help us all keep singing in tune and dancing in time!
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