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Connect 4 - The Results!

Tim Naylor
February 2023

Last month we challenged you to figure out what connects 4 songs and we’re here today to reveal all and give a well deserved shout-out to those of you who pulled it out of the bag!

The answer is, of course, rabbits 🐰

Rosalía ft. Bad Bunny - La Noche de Anoche

‘Bunny’, a part of Bad Bunny’s name, is another word for a rabbit

Florence and the Machine - Rabbit Heart (Raise it up)

‘Rabbit’ is present in the title and lyrics of the song

Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman

The cover art of the album shows Ariana dressed in rabbit ears

Blink 182 - Edging

The video features people dressed in rabbit costumes

The attentive amongst you will have noticed the answer to this month’s Just for Fun quiz is also the animal of 2023 according to the Chinese Calendar. Rabbits, here, symbolize longevity, peace, and prosperity, and we wish a year full of all of these things for you all!

Only those of you who correctly connected the rabbit to our four listed songs get a personalized shout-out though! Congratulations to you all 🎉

Rima Jack Flow aka Abnormal, Noëlle A., ilker tuyenc, Haru Im, Davizi, Ecto, Lénaelle Bigand, Shafwan Agung, kwanz, Moritz B., Martyn

Many others of you provided your own connections though, which was also great to see! So shout-out to you all too.

Stay tuned for the next Just for Fun quiz, flying from our planet to yours in March!

Tim Naylor
Working alongside our amazing community to help us all keep singing in tune and dancing in time!
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